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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. What Freudian psyche component is described as x The conscience - morals - beliefs (middle of the road)?

2. What pathophysiologic disorder is characterized by the following changes in cortisol and ACTH? - Cortisol decreased - ACTH decreased

3. What event signifies the first day of the menstrual cycle?

4. Name the AD disease associated with chromosome 15 in which the patient has long extremities - lax joints - pigeon chest - and posterior mitral leaflet prolapse and is prone to developing dissecting aortic aneurysm.

5. What AA has a pKa of 13?

6. What somatoform disorder is described as x La belle indiff

7. What somatoform disorder is described as x Having a F:M ratio of 20:1 - onset before age 30 - and having 4 pains (2 gastrointestinal - 1 sexual - 1 neurologic)?

8. What are the rules of 10 regarding pheochromocytoma?

9. Is GH considered a gluconeogenic hormone?

10. What is the primary method of nonverbal communication of emotional states?

11. What is the site of action of the following? - Aldosterone antagonists

12. Which drug is used to treat opioid withdrawal - ADHD - and sometimes Tourette's syndrome?

13. What are the five tissues in which glucose uptake is insulin independent?

14. Name the hypochromic microcytic anemia based on the following laboratory values - Normal iron - TIBC - percent saturation - and ferritin

15. T cells can recognize - bind - and internalize...

16. What somatoform disorder is described as x Unrealistic negative opinion of personal appearance - seeing self as ugly?

17. What are the two reasons for megaloblastic anemia with elevated MCV?

18. Are the following conditions associated with a negative or positive nitrogen balance? - Uncontrolled DM

19. What three chemical agents are associated with angiosarcomas of the liver?

20. What drug that penetrates the blood - brain barrier is found in asthma preparations and used as a nasal decongestant?

21. What is the MCC of the following endocarditis scenarios? - Post dental work

22. Which gram - negative diplococcus ferments maltose?

23. Which benzodiazepine has the longest half - life?

24. What type of hepatitis has the highest mortality rate among pregnant women?

25. The clearance of what substance is the gold standard of renal plasma flow?

26. What is the most common site for an aneurysm in cerebral circulation?

27. What ribosomal subunit binds first to the mRNA strand?

28. What are the growth factors released from the liver called?

29. What disease is a cavitation of the spinal cord causing bilateral loss of pain and temperature at the level of the lesion?

30. What CNs arise from x The pons?

31. What foramen must be traversed for entry into the lesser peritoneal sac?

32. What encapsulated group of nerve endings seen at the muscle - tendon junction responds to an increase in tension generated in that muscle? (This is dropping a box that is too heavy to carry.)

33. Are antibiotics helpful in treating a disease caused by a prion?

34. What nerve supplies taste sensation to the anterior two - thirds of the tongue?

35. What enzyme is blocked by methotrexate/ trimethoprim?

36. Which streptococcal species is associated with dental caries and infective endocarditis in patients with poor oral hygiene?

37. What is the name of the superficial subcutaneous fascia of the abdomen containing fat?

38. What fructose metabolism enzyme is deficient in patients with vomiting - apathy - diarrhea - jaundice - proximal renal tubular acidosis - hypoglycemia - and hyperuricemia?

39. What hormone is characterized by the following renal effects? - Calcium excretion - phosphate excretion

40. Which hepatitis B serology markers

41. What ring is a weblike narrowing of the gastroesophageal junction?

42. What Ab is an indication of recurrent disease for hepatitis?

43. If you double the infusion rate of a drug - how long will it take to reach steady state?

44. Name the cancer associated with the following oncogenes. (Some may have more than one answer) x abl

45. What are the two MCC of acute epididymitis in males? - Less than 35 years old

46. What somatoform disorder is described as x Preoccupied with illness or death - persisting despite reassurance - lasting longer than 6 months?

47. What pathophysiologic disorder is characterized by the following changes in cortisol and ACTH? - Cortisol increased - ACTH decreased

48. What cell of the duodenum contains high concentrations of lysozymes and has phagocytic activity?

49. What neuropsychologic test shows nine designs to the patient - then asks for recall of as many as possible?

50. Based on operant conditioning - What type of reinforcement is described when x Removing a stimulus stops a behavior?