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Veterinary Technology Diseases Of Digestive System

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1. What is large inflammatory bowel disease: DX

2. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) signs

3. What is gastritis TX?

4. Feline Hepatic Lipidosis DX: Chem

5. What is oral neoplasia squamous cell carcinoma?

6. Diseases of Pancreas: cbc and chem

7. Perineal hernias TX

8. What is treatment for lymphatic plasmacytic stomatitis?

9. Feline Hepatic Lipidosis DX: CBC

10. Diseases of the Liver: what is cholangiohepatitis?

11. Gastric Dilation/Volvulus (GDV) DX

12. Who is most prone to oral neoplasia?

13. what is acute diarrhea DX?

14. Intussusception cause

15. What are signs of lymphatic plasmacytic stomatitis?

16. Portosystemic shunts PX

17. Chronic Enteropathies

18. Megacolon signs are?

19. What are contradictions with enema for mega colon or constipation?

20. What is Chronic Enteropathies DX

21. Megacolon DX

22. Perianal fistula (anal fistula) signs

23. Diseases of Pancreas: DX: tests

24. Gastric Dilation/Volvulus (GDV) signs

25. What is gastritis?

26. What does mineral oil enema for mega colon or constipation do?

27. What are Portosystemic shunts?

28. What is Chronic Enteropathies TX

29. What is gastritis DX?

30. Intussusception DX

31. Gastric Dilation/Volvulus (GDV) physiology

32. Who gets Gastric Dilation/Volvulus (GDV)?

33. Cholangiohepatitis DX: liver biopsy

34. What is Feline Hepatic Lipidosis? who gets it?

35. Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI) PX

36. Why do cats get lymphatic plasmacytic stomatitis?

37. How to treat lymphatic plasmacytic stomatitis if condition recurs?

38. What is the etiology of Gastric Dilation/Volvulus (GDV)

39. Feline Hepatic Lipidosis prevention

40. What is lymphatic plasmacytic stomatitis

41. Megacolon Tx

42. Gastric Dilation/Volvulus (GDV) prevention

43. Gastric Dilation/Volvulus (GDV) TX (cont)

44. Portosystemic shunts DX: cbc - x- ray

45. What are gastritis signs?

46. Intussusception - what is it?

47. What is perianal fistula (anal fistula)? who does it affect?

48. What is treatment of oral neoplasia?

49. Perianal fistula (anal fistula) TX

50. Cholangiohepatitis DX : chem