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Wilderness Survival

Subjects : literacy, soft-skills
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This is a study tool. The 3 wrong answers for each question are randomly chosen from answers to other questions. So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time.
1. S.U.R.V.I.V.A.L

2. How many minutes are there are there in one degree of latitude or longitude?

3. Lines of latitude run __________ from each other.

4. As you gain elevation - the percentage of O2 in the air...

5. Lines of latitude run east-west and lines of longitude run...

6. The most common map scale for a 7.5-minute map is...

7. What is the value of declination in the Eugene area?

8. Clouds do not block...

9. A majority of the energy derived from the food we eat goes into...

10. Heat stroke is a life-threatening...

11. Which map provides more detail - a 7.5-minute map or a 15-minute map?

12. List - in order - the treatment for mild hypothermia.

13. How many 7.5-minute maps are required to represent the same area as one 15-minute map?

14. What four parts of your body should you keep clean?

15. The average apparent motion of the sun across the sky is ____ degrees per hour.

16. Dehydration results from inadequate replacement of lost body fluids.A 5-percent loss results in...

17. You are going on a solo backcountry hike for a full day. Describe the information you would convey to your roommate or friend before leaving - about your hike and the protocols to follow if you are not back by nightfall.

18. The earth's axis is tilted _____ degrees from vertical.

19. Name the five parts of the bow drill.

20. The umbles. Mild - Moderate - or Server Hypothermia?

21. Fine shivering. Mild - Moderate - or Server Hypothermia?

22. A small cave - Beneath a lone tree

23. __________ can cause deviation of the compass needle.

24. Exposure of an area to cool - wet conditions for approximately __ hours is necessary to produce trench foot.

25. Name the three types of shelter designs

26. All others factors being equal - when air rises in a cloudless sky it cools at the rate of __degrees/1000ft.

27. 7.5-minute maps made by the USGS generally span how many miles north to south? East to west?

28. ___________ does not degrade quickly in water sources such as lakes and streams.

29. The sun is approximately due south at what time of day during the month of August?

30. Down is a good choice as an insulator for...

31. Can't perform complex mental tasks. Mild - Moderate - or Server Hypothermia?

32. All others factors being equal - when air rises in a cloudy sky it cools at the rate of __degrees/1000ft.

33. For significant precipitation to form - air must...

34. Magnetic north and __________ are not the same.

35. At northern altitudes in December - the sun rises south of east and sets...

36. Three blasts of a whistle means ____.

37. A 15-percent loss of body fluids results in...

38. The three forces of nature that work to decompose solid waste are ___ - ___ - and ___.

39. When the sun is at a bearing of 240 degrees in the sky - the shadows point to __.

40. The locations of the ______ is not fixed.

41. Name the four category plants fall into

42. _________ pack more energy per gram than carbohydrates.

43. Ataxia. Mild - Moderate - or Server Hypothermia?

44. A hot shower can relieve the itching common to...

45. Giardia lamblia is a ____

46. Name the three parts of the fire triangle.

47. Humans have very efficient...

48. Every 5th contour line is darker in color. This line is called an __ contour line.

49. Shivering requires the energy of a...

50. For maximum benefit - it's best to drink water at a rate of 1/4 liter every ___ minutes.