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Yeast Production: Flours

Subject : cooking
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1. Shaping into the proper loaves and rolls

2. Scaling - mixing - fermentation - punching - scaling - rounding - benching - makeup & panning - proofing - baking - cooling - storing

3. Straight dough method: Pickup period - clean-up period - Development period - final gluten development.

4. Continuation of fermentation

5. Dried berry of the pimiento tree

6. Shaping into round - smooth spheres

7. Divide dough into same wight pieces - according to the recipe

8. Plant in the ginger family

9. Step 1) desired dough temp. x 3 Step 2)Flour temp + room temp + 20 step 3) step 1 - step 2 = water temp.

10. Lacy membrane covering the nutmeg seed

11. Allowed to rest 10-20 min. relaxes the gluten

12. Dried buds of tropical evergreen tree

13. Stripped dried bark of an evergreen

14. The process in which yeast acts on sugars and starches in the dough to produce carbon dioxide and alcohol

15. Seed of the nutmeg tree

16. Ingredients purchased & measured

17. Coagulation of the proteins and gelatinization of starches

18. Cake flour - pastry flour

19. Wrap in moisure proof bags after the product has cooled

20. Straight flour - patent flour - clear flour - bread flour - durum

21. Deflating the dough that expels co2 - redistributes yeast

22. From the parsley family

23. Remove from pans an place on racks