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AP Chemistry

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1. In covalent bonds - prefixes are used to tell...

2. AX3E2

3. The total energy of the universe is constant - all systems tend towards minimum energy

4. 180 - sp

5. In a titration - the point where the indicator changes (just after moles of solid are equal to moles of base)

6. Color of Li (flame test)

7. ClO3?

8. Absorbs/takes in heat (positive value)

9. Liquid to gas

10. How to Balance a Redox Equation

11. Elements which have unpaired electrons and highly affected by magnetic fields

12. (msubs) Can only be +1/2 or -1/2

13. Raising heat - adding catalyst - heighten concentration - bigger surface area

14. Variable for orientation of orbital (-1 through +1)

15. J/Cmol or J/Kmol

16. Solid to gas

17. Variable for energy of e- - goes from 1 -2 -3 on up

18. (organics) nine carbons

19. Compound in which there is a bond between two non-metals; when naming them you use the numerical prefixes (may NOT be reduced i.e. S2F4 may not become SF2)

20. Has values 1 -2 -3 -...; tells energy levels

21. Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures (to find partial pressure formula)

22. Ionizes to produce H+ ions

23. Point at which liquid?gas occurs

24. Phase change from solid to gas

25. kf of water

26. J/Cg or J/Kg

27. These orbitals are perpendicular

28. Significant Digits of Conversion Factors

29. In a given atom no two electrons can have the same set of four quantum numbers

30. frequency symbol

31. H+ Acceptor

32. r=k

33. Organic w/ -NH2

34. Color of Ba (flame test)

35. 760mmHg/Torr

36. All forms of energy except for heat

37. To find activation energy use the...

38. (organics) seven carbons

39. Arrhenius equation

40. 6.022x10^23

41. Pressure Units/Conversions

42. Symbol for Enthalpy

43. (organics) double-bonded compound

44. Energy needed to vaporize a mole of a liquid

45. Peak of energy diagram

46. Nonmetal oxide + H2O ->

47. A given compound always has exactly the same proportion of elements by mass

48. Energy (definition)

49. 2+ charge

50. Liquid to solid