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AP Chemistry

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1. Carbon - hydrogen - oxygen compounds

2. (msubs) Can only be +1/2 or -1/2

3. Kinetic Energy per molecule

4. (organics) four carbons

5. The mixing of native atomic orbitals to form special orbitals for bonding

6. How to Find an Empirical Formula Given Percentages

7. Ketone suffix

8. Variable for spin of electron (+.5 or -.5)

9. H?+NH3?NH4

10. Chemical composition of dry ice

11. Negative enthalpy - heat flows into surroundings

12. The likelihood that a rxn will occur "by itself"

13. (organics) triple-bonded compound

14. Energy required to break a bond

15. Mol of solute/kg of solvent

16. Volume of gas @STP

17. Releases/gives off heat (negative value)

18. H + donor

19. When _____ significant digits - round answer to least significant digit

20. Consists of a complex ion - a transition metal with attached ligands - and counterions

21. Compound in which there is a bond between two non-metals; when naming them you use the numerical prefixes (may NOT be reduced i.e. S2F4 may not become SF2)

22. AX5

23. C2H3O2?

24. Resistance to flow

25. Change that occurs at constant temperature

26. S?

27. 760mmHg/Torr

28. AX2 - AX2E3

29. Boiling point elevation formula

30. Ecell= Ecell -RT/nF x lnQ

31. Half-life equation

32. A method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses

33. Mass percent

34. 1 sigma bond

35. How to Balance a Redox Equation

36. Elements on staircase on periodic table

37. [A]0/2k

38. Kinetic Energy of an individual particle formula

39. Significant Digits of Conversion Factors

40. Where there are no electrons

41. A homogeneous mixture with 1 phase

42. Similar to atomic orbitals - except between molecules

43. ClO3?

44. C=2.9979*10^8 m/s

45. Ionizes to produce H+ ions

46. Aldehyde suffix

47. Atomic #

48. Ka=[products]^m/[reactants]^n

49. Different form of same element

50. Metal oxide + H20 ->