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AP Chemistry

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1. AX5E

2. Kinetic Energy per mol

3. The heat changed in a chemical reaction.

4. Matter can't be created nor destroyed

5. 96 -485 C/mol e-

6. Instrument used to measure the pressure of atmospheric gas

7. Significant Digits of counted things

8. Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures (to find partial pressure formula)

9. If Q<Ksp

10. 0C and 1 atm

11. Has values from -l to l - including zero; tells orientation of the orbital relative to other orbitals

12. Variable for energy of e- - goes from 1 -2 -3 on up

13. (organics) nine carbons

14. Electrons in a hydrogen atom move around the nucleus only in circular orbits

15. Assumes that a molecule is composed of atoms that are bound together by sharing pairs of electrons using the atomic orbitals of the bound atoms

16. Releases/gives off heat (negative value)

17. Mol/kg of solvent - used in calculating colligative properties

18. Force that holds atoms together

19. Two molecules with identical connectivity but different geometries

20. Oxidation # of Ions

21. Elements which have unpaired electrons and highly affected by magnetic fields

22. A method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses

23. Color of Ba (flame test)

24. In a titration - the point where moles of acid are equal to moles of base (just before the indicator changes color)

25. In covalent bonds - prefixes are used to tell...

26. Puts OH? into solution

27. Half-life equation

28. All (though really not all - but for our purposes all) ________ compounds are NOT electrolytes

29. Substances above the critical temperature and pressure in which the pressure is so high that density and flowing ability of a "gas" resembles that of a liquid

30. Color of Ca (flame test)

31. Coffee Cup Calorimeter

32. Atomic #

33. When more than one valid Lewis structure can be written for a particular molecule; represented by double-headed arrows

34. Phase change from solid to gas

35. The likelihood that a rxn will occur "by itself"

36. (organics) five carbons

37. K

38. This MUST be determined experimentally

39. C2O4?

40. 2 or more covalently bonded atoms

41. CO3?

42. The weighted average of all the isotopes that an atom can have (in g/mol)

43. To find activation energy use the...

44. Combined Gas Law Formula

45. Measure of the average kinetic energy of all the particles in a substance

46. Instrument used to measure the pressure of a not-atmospheric gas (open or closed system)

47. When n=3 ->2 - color=

48. Heat needed to change 1 g of substance to 1C

49. Average Kinetic Energy Formula

50. A device in which chemical energy is changed to electrical energy