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AP Chemistry

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1. Has values from -l to l - including zero; tells orientation of the orbital relative to other orbitals

2. BrO3?

3. When n=6 ->2 - color=

4. Volume of gas @STP

5. Gas to solid

6. neutron (symbol)

7. Type of system in which the energy may escape - but the mass is conserved

8. Substances w/ critical temperatures below 25C

9. Anions or cations as needed to produce a compound with non net charge

10. The minimum energy that molecules must possess for collisions to be effective - Ea

11. frequency symbol

12. ClO4?

13. Variable for orientation of orbital (-1 through +1)

14. x can be ignored when % ionization is <5%

15. Heat needed to change 1 g of substance to 1C

16. Ptotal=P1+P2+P3+...

17. Calculation from K to C

18. (organics) double-bonded compound

19. 101 -325 Pa

20. Group 1 and heavier Group 2 bases

21. Substance that - when dissolved - is conductive

22. If anion ends in -ite - acid name ends in...

23. Significant Digits of Conversion Factors

24. Elements in groups 3-12

25. When n=3 ->2 - color=

26. Entropy in the universe is always...

27. These orbitals are diagonal

28. R=

29. 90 - d^2sp^3

30. 1/[A]=kt + 1/[A]0

31. Kinetic Energy per mol

32. Energy needed to break a bond

33. A measure of randomness or disorder

34. Stronger IMF= lower... weaker IMF= higher...

35. Color of K (flame test)

36. Electron pairs found in the space between the atoms

37. Boiling point elevation formula

38. Faraday's constant

39. A solution that resists a change in pH - contains both a weak acid and its conjugate base

40. Instrument used to measure the pressure of atmospheric gas

41. Ketone suffix

42. Delta H (AH) = ?

43. Substances that form OH- when dissolved in water; proton acceptors

44. Boltzmann constant - used in calculating speed of gas per molecule

45. When _____ significant digits - round answer to least significant digit

46. Mass percent

47. A method of investigation involving observation and theory to test scientific hypotheses

48. Transition metals with ammonia - hydroxide - cyanide or thiocyanate form...

49. The chemical formed when a base accepts a proton

50. (organics) two carbons