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Agile Scrum Methodology

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1. Means that the increment/deliverable could be released to a customer. The product owner decides when to release.

2. The team meets each day to share struggles and progress

3. The team looks for ways to improve the product and the process

4. They self organize to get the work done.

5. Person responsible for the business value of the project.

6. The Team demonstrates to the product owner what it has completed during the sprint

7. At-a-glance look at the work remaining.

8. The team meets with the product owner to choose a set of work to deliver during a sprint

9. A negotiated set of items from the product backlog that a team commits to complete during the timebox of a sprint.

10. Ensures that the team is functional and productive

11. It's dynamic - items may be deleted or added at any time during the project. It is prioritized and progressively refined.