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Cruise Line Industry

Subjects : industries, hospitality
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1. The person on a cruise ship who is responsible for the cleaning and general maintenance of all cabins and interior areas of the ship

2. The Captain's second in command and deputy. also called the staff captain on some cruise lines.

3. The person on a cruise ship who is responsible for the medical care of passengers and employees.

4. The person on a cruise ship who runs the hotel division. responsible for all aspects of the vacation experience the cruise line offers.

5. A cruise that affords the guest the opportunity to do whatever they want when they want to do it.

6. Oversees a staff responsible for managing a ship's entertainer's - children's counselors - and guest activities - including selling and coordinating shore excursions.

7. The flag of the country where a cruise ship is registered and under whose laws it must operate.

8. The person on a cruise ship who is responsible for it's operation and the safety of all those on board.

9. The time alloted for serving one complete meal to a group of diners.

10. Specially arrange trips - tours - and activities that occur off ship

11. The second in command within the hotel department and a cruise ship's banker - information officer - human resources director - and complaint handler.

12. The shipboard equivilent of a kitchen.

13. The deck on a cruise ship that contain's the main swimming pool and is generally the center for many onboard activities.

14. The person on a cruise ship who is responsible for providing quality food and beverage service to passengers and crew members - typically reports to the hotel manager.

15. A unit for measuring the total cubic capacity of a cruise ship

16. The day when a cruise ship finishes one cruise and starts another