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Fashion Merchandizing

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1. Must be selected for membership - All couture houses do custom dressmaking but also have ready-to-wear line

2. Store open another facility in a different location - often in suburbs

3. Centrally located/organized with merchandising and buying in a central headquarters - Most of the separate stores look alike and carry the same merchandise - Example = Target

4. Leased department: rents space to an outside firm which runs the department (makeup counters) -In-store boutique

5. Additional service offered by resident buying offices- design staff of the buying office develops private label merchandise - Newest services

6. Responsible for establishing the store's image

7. Focuses on management and market research

8. Manufacturers may not always produce everything they show in regional market (even if orders have been placed) - May not have many new manufacturers

9. Manufacturers Attend Market to...

10. Develops clothing for actors in plays - movies - and television

11. Tells buyer dollar amount of purchases that can be made - Actual stock- planned stock

12. Store owner - Specialized store buyer - Central buyer - Resident buyer

13. Where store execs are housed

14. Selling responsibilities

15. Mass - staples

16. Screens the market for the store buyer (represents the buyer) - Group buying- allows for lower prices due to volume buying - Assist with private label- product development sourcing - Assist with foreign buying

17. Responsible for a department/area

18. Sales records - Sales people

19. Run by private enterprises - members subscribe for a fee (e.g. Doneger Group)

20. Small specialized store of a department store

21. Buying - selling - and planning of merchandise

22. Conduct own research

23. Figure that tells the frequency with which the stock has been sold and replaced - Goal: increase turn = keep merchandise moving

24. Market area - Assists specialized (central) buyer

25. Focuses on a particular item or product

26. Combine supermarket - appliances - toys - drug store items - apparel - etc. - everything under one roof

27. Shopping the stores - Using resident buying offices - Vendors - Trade publications - Reporting services - Trade associations - Market research - In-store success

28. Small operation

29. Serves as group of stores - membership is by invitation only (e.g. Associated Merchandising Corporation)

30. Creates fashion looks for magazine phot - shoots - company catalogs - etc.

31. Variety of low priced merchandise

32. Larger orders may allow for...

33. Located in market

34. Cotton Inc. - Wool Bureau

35. Quantity of different items offered

36. Net sales- total merchandise costs (Allow for overhead taxes and profit)

37. Money left to buy- when merchandise NEEDS to exceed merchandise available

38. Market trips - Sales reps wh - visit buyer - Catalogs - Resident buying offices - Store-owned resources

39. Specialize in brand and designer name clothing at discounted prices

40. Focus specifically on product

41. Menswear

42. WWD - DNR - stores (consumer fashion magazines)

43. Completed once the estimated demand has been made - The merchandise plan is both by: Dollar or Merchandise (amount and quantity)

44. Some sample will be altered - To show merchandise in best possible way to accessorize it the way they intended it to be and sometimes on models - Opportunity to develop PR

45. Store's own label for career and casual sportswear; prices vary (better to moderate)

46. Small area within a store for designers or popular manufacturers

47. Sourcing - Logistics related to - importing - Managing information systems

48. Management consultants - Technical consultants - Import and export consultants

49. Customer makes choices out of a catalog and places order by phone - mail - or at a facility

50. Number of different items offered